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Building a culture that allows women of all races to thrive at work and one in which their strengths and diversity are accepted and valued


Leverage the diversity that you currently have

Provide meaningful career paths for women of all races

Teach how to attract and keep diverse employees

Establish awareness around each woman’s strengths that they bring to the office

Create a safe environment for the women in the office to be heard

Help women bring their full selves to work

Provide a plan of change to set up the culture to be one accepting of diversity

Develop a culture that provides women with a voice in large or small groups


Elongated tenure of women within the office and expanded value for them and your company


Enhanced product solutions and features 


Increased probability of receiving more diversity in your applying candidates


Solid support and safety within the office for women of all colors


Equalized pay gap between genders


Increased confidence for the women in the organization 


Improved trust and transparency across all genders

BENEFITS OF HAVING empowered women

within your office.


What might a culture look like when a company celebrates its diversity and leverages all the voices in the room? 

types of services.


Create a safe space for women throughout the organization to share experiences and learn from each other 


Deep dive into current structure to support diversity and increase awareness of potential biases


Motivational speaking and bringing in subject matter experts to strengthen individuals and support diversity 


Individual and team training sessions


Hiring process improvements and pay scale evaluation


Alignment of employee benefits to be gender agnostic


Participated in NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award Ceremony as a professional women mentor

Co-Led multiple sessions for Code like a Girl in Australia

Guest Speaker at the Women in  STEM event at Weber State University

Volunteered at Bosh Bosh in Liberia:
 taught a computer teacher and worked with a group of women who were learning technical skills to increase the options for them and their families

Presented at a Women App Camp put on by Utah State University for high school women 

Inspired women to know their career growth possibilities in a male-dominated field

Connected and supported women in tech within organizations, establishing a safe space within the company for all to be heard and have a voice

Created and led workshops for increased support and self-awareness, empowerment to grow, while providing a safe space to discuss the realities of
each individual

Established a culture that drew women from around the organization to be part of that culture and department

Defused conversations that would be combative, transforming them into a safe discussion for everyone to have different opinions and for all to learn from one another

Brought in experts from different fields to teach and expand understanding for women groups

Led sessions on discovering personal strengths, the importance of bringing one's strengths to the office, and ways apply those strengths

Supported the expanse of an individual’s voice as she learned to tell her own story and helped improve her public speaking skills

Exemplified the success woman can have by being the only female manager or senior manager within an organization or department.

Mentored multiple women as they approach and strive to be their best in their career


“I think what was so impressive was not just what you said, but you.  You were poised, confident, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic.

—  Vicki


Having a hard time maintaining tenure of the women in the office? Not sure how to engage and motivate the women in your office? Are the women not feeling supported? Are you not getting women to even apply to your company? Let me know what you are facing and we can find the successful solution for your specific needs.

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