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Empowered women

look like.

Within Women

Within Culture

Within Coworkers

Women speaking up and showing up with their full selves to work 

Women overpowering the default nature to put themselves down 

Women identifying their own desired career path and being supported along that journey

Women who can speak their own strengths and what they bring to the team

Women who accept compliments and aren’t always apologizing 

Career paths and options for both men and women exist equally

Acknowledging and talking about the hardships of being in the minority of a group

Departments that celebrate a wide breadth of skills that make them successful together

Groups who are willing to check their own biases and help others around them overcome theirs

Support is offered to all women--those who are timid and those who are strong

Male voices asking for a woman’s thoughts 

Women supporting other women’s strengths and growth within the company

Differing opinions and conflict that is shared, discussed and a team willing to drive forward with a decision 

Women and men being equal players in teams and groups

Ideas are generated and enhanced from all points of view

Maternity and paternity packages exist 

Quiet and loud women getting raises and promotions 

Interviewing candidates of all genders and races

Cultures where women are not hindered in their progression by having children

Women and men both publicly appreciated for their contributions

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