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Empowering executives and managers to strive for their own personal and professional success


Immediate support on your personal success 

Explore, clarify, and determine what specifically you are aiming to achieve

Support and encouragement of your own self-discovery

Solutions and strategies that are your own

Accountability as you strive to progress and reach that next level

A safe environment where there are no judgements or hierarchy 

Information to increase your awareness of how you are perceived 

Training on specific aspects of strategic thinking, management, and agile processes


Increased awareness of your own strengths and how your actions are perceived


Additional tools to your management tool belt


Discussion of strategies on unique situations you are running up against


Alignment of your job focus, personal values, and strengths


Provide a sounding board to clarify your thoughts


Dedicated time to focus on your own development and needs


Support in looking at a problem from different perspectives

benefits of coaching for



There are two types of managers: those who are assigned and

those who choose to be leaders.

types of services.


  • Looking for strategic ways to enhance your own productivity 

  • Increasing awareness on your values, your focus within your career and how to spend your time. Then exploring if they are aligned or if adjustment might help align your time and values

  • Encouraging the need to focus on your area of expertise and on the people you lead

  • Exploring your own strengths and leadership styles. Looking for ways to continue to apply those strengths and determining the leadership styles or strengths to hire in others so your group has all they need

  • You lead people, exploring the types of communication and support that you provide and give

Executive Coaching



green think.png
  • People Management is often something we move into because we are excellent at our previous job. It isn’t always something we are trained to do 

  • Determining strengths and areas to focus on

  • Discussions around how to conduct a successful 1:1

  • Support and Strategies as one has to step into a difficult conversation

  • Focus on how to see the people that we manage as individuals and support them the best we can

Management Coaching

Agile, Team, Process

  • Exploring where a team or a process is on many levels

  • Determining an action plan for one area to improve at a time

  • Discussions on how to best align people and process to be successful for the company, team and individual 

  • Increase awareness on different strategies for stand-ups, retros, planning meetings, WIP limits, team connections and communication


Agile, Team, Process Coaching


  • Help determining a play or direction on where next to take your career

  • Discussions around a change in career

  • How to level up your resume

  • Leveling up your current awareness and skill set 

Career Coaching

MY coaching

2+ years coaching the CEO of a highly successful leading edge technology startup

Individual management coaching with many individuals across different industries

Thorough resume rework, review, and enhancements

7+ years of management experience 

Initiating agile processes and improvements for over 20 teams

Certified SCRUM Training

Years of training and studying in leadership, management, people awareness, and emotional intelligence

"Jessica is an excellent executive coach. Her feedback sharpens my thoughts, provides insight into the dynamics of our company and team, and highlights concrete steps to reach higher. Our conversations leave me excited at the opportunities to improve myself and the company."

—  Charles


Coach Contact

Wanting to level up your management capabilities? Need to learn strategies around having difficult conversations? Need support as to where to take your career and how to get there?  Let me know what you are facing and we can find the successful solution for your specific needs.

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