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Providing a productive and level playing field for remote and flexible employees by changing the default mindset to think of remote first.


Customized transition plan to get your best successful remote culture

Strategies for success for each department on communication, meetings, benefits, scheduling, etc.

Office and meeting room enhancements, providing you with a top-of-the-line remote experience

Analytics and insights to track your company's remote productivity and engagement 

Awareness of sticky points your company is currently facing with a remote culture and options to dissolve them

Meaningful metrics for measuring and achieving success within a remote environment

Tips and tricks for all employees to make remote working successful

Challenges of remote culture and an approach to stay ahead of them


Provide your company a competitive advantage by increasing remote productivity throughout your organization


Expand your hiring pool and grow the attractiveness of your company


Increase odds of diversity within the workforce


Inflate efficiency and trust throughout the organization


Swell the happiness and satisfaction of current remote or flexible employees


Support the environment


Level up the crisis readiness of your company

remote-first benefits for your company.


What might a culture look like when a company makes their decisions being aware of their remote and flexible employees up front and when remote employees don't feel removed or disconnected from the organization? 

types of services.


Stay Remote Action Plan


Transition plans for full or partial remote

action plan.png

Deep dive into company interactions
and an action plan to make them remote-f


Training for key individuals and groups


Department/team level remote awareness


Transitioning interactive meetings into remote formats


Expat in Australia at a successfully remote-first focused company 

Digital Nomad: Professionally worked in 13 different time zones across the world and across 24 different countries 

Empowered multiple teams to successfully work remotely

Coached a department of more than 20 people living across 20 different US states at one time

Led the transformation of a fully office-based manufacturing company to a remote-first technical department

Transitioned teams into a remote-first culture so when COVID hit, there were no adjustments to the process or meeting formats

Helped executives to expand their understanding of the possibilities and successful ways of developing a remote culture

Provided knowledge to companies, departments, teams, and individuals on how to achieve and be part of a
remote- first culture

Led fully and partially remote teams across many time zones

Experienced with years of being a remote employee--some in the same time zone and many in different time zones

Coached individuals and groups on strategies to successfully transition into a remote environment


“Jessica has had an immediate impact on our team. I appreciate her commitment to clarity and simplifying our processes to help get a clear picture of the project and what it is going to take to get it across the finish line. Her fun and positive attitude is infectious and has already made a difference.”

—  Justin


Are you stepping into the world of Remote for the first time or perhaps wanting to have a better remote experience for your company? Let me know what you are facing and we can find the successful solution for your specific needs.

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