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My Story

I am a lover of life and an adventurer. 

I work hard and play hard. 


When I graduated with an engineering degree, there were 4 other women who graduated with me. We were scattered through the 400 men who also graduated that year. I spent years in school surrounded by men, then years working doing the same thing. I learned to value the diversity that I and others can provide. 

Beyond school and coding, I learned that I love to problem-solve. I have been a software test engineer, a developer, a software engineer, a senior developer, a tech lead, a project manager, an engineering manager, a senior engineering manager, a coach, a supportive figure, a nonprofit board member, and a motivational speaker. All provided me different ways to put my curiosity strength into action while problem solving. 


I have lived in 7 US states and worked in more; traveled with a computer in my backpack for years working while exploring the world. At one point you would have found me riding a motorcycle from the USA all the way to Argentina. My wanderings led me to explore all 7 continents. When at home, you can find me enjoying a book while sitting in my swinging chair or exploring what next to make. I have made a slew of wedding cakes, one which intentionally exploded and another which was actually a 16-pound Reese's pieces cup.

My Passion

Life takes us all on our own unique journeys. Mine led me to be a digital nomad and an expat, where I learned the value of successful remote work and the power of having a more flexible schedule in life. It also led me to discover that my passion for problem solving increases as I work with people. I moved into management and found I loved helping people’s work lives be better. In a male-dominated field, I have learned my own way of being successful. I have overcome the challenges of an environment where I am among the minority. 


I take all that experience and passion I found along the way to work with people, tackle hard problems, empower women in the workforce, enhance managers' abilities to be excellent, and help companies and employees share in the value of remote and flexible work options.

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