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Employees CONNECTING with each other from anywhere

EQUAL BENEFITS for in-office and remote employees

Increased PRIVACY, as I go to the gynecologist without informing my whole team

FLEXIBILITY to have a home delivery or a tradesman come during the work week

EASE to align with one spouse on who and when to gather the kids from school

Individuals hitting FLOW more often, increasing their satisfaction and productivity

Across time zones everyone HEARING every word and question

Meetings are conducted and scheduled EFFICIENTLY from home or office

COMMUNICATION is efficient and transparent to everyone

Home and work setups are both ERGONOMIC

Managers measuring WHAT MATTERS vs hours spent in an office chair

Team interactions are SUPPORTIVE and matched in the level of success

NO FEAR and lack of judgement around children in the home

Office celebrations incorporating and INCLUDING remote employees

CONNECTION though video cameras in office meetings rooms and at home

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